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TY Wilder

TY Wilder:


At JEArchitecture we are passionate about effecting positive change and as architects we try do do this through design. Sustainability and environmentalism are not just words to us but are real action-ables, we take trying to improve the world as being one of our core missions. We believe that this starts at home and home for JEArchitecture is the peninsula of Portrane and Donabate and this page is an example of just some of the work we have done pro bono in recent times locally in our attempts to effect positive change.

The Wilder Project was a very simple but effective gorilla campaign we undertook to protect a piece of hedge way that was in danger of becoming a manicured lawn. In this instance we simply produced a mock “Council” notice which connected to information about legislation about the cutting of hedges using a QR Code and erected these signs at the location above in the photos. Eventually the attempt to sanitise this area was stopped by the real “Council” and it is now being deliberately re-wilded. 

The TY Project (Transition Year) project is something we actively engage with because we know that our young people are what it’s all about. We have formed an initial interaction with the local school and we plan to build on this going forward. The attached images are from a project created by a recent TY Student called ‘three sides to every story’.

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