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Land Registry Mapping

When a property or part of a property requires a new title, the new plot needs to be lodged and approved by the Land Registry (PRA / Property Registration Authority). Some properties may not have been previously registered, and may have to go through a process called First Registration. We provide a complete service of site survey, area certification and production of title maps for submission to Property Registration Authority (Land Registry).You can click here to check if your property has been previously registered with The Land Registry  – click the ‘Search Now’ button on the following landing page If your site or property is not outlined in red, it has not been registered. To order a map please click here - and fill in an enquiry form or give us a call on 01 8958551.

Declaration of Identity

A Declaration of Identity is a letter prepared by a suitably qualified professional that certifies that all of the services to a property are located within the site boundary of the property. These services usually include a septic tank/waste water treatment systems and percolation area, services, the dwelling and ancillary works and a private supply water well.

The Declaration is signed by the suitably qualified professional and is witnessed in the presence of a Commissioner of Oaths. The declaration refers to a folio number and is accompanied by the Folio map outlining the site in red.

It is generally requested by the purchasers Solicitors to ensure that no issues arise in the future with access to these services. A declaration of identity is most commonly required for sites in rural locations.

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