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At JEArchitecture we offer a consultation service prior to you undertaking any work which will help inform you on how best to proceed with your project or not at all. A JEArchitecture consultation will be attended by one or more of our architects and generally, we do this consultation remotely on Teams or Zoom or it can be done at your property and will be scheduled for one hour. It is advisable for you to fully prepare for your consultation in advance so that you can the most out of our meeting and so that we can best advise you.

Information to send to us beforehand

  • Brief description of what you want to achieve. For example, the space and additional rooms required. Special facilities for those with disabilities?

  • Photos of the elevations of your property (front and rear) and adjoining houses.

  • Photos of the interior of your house / apartment.

  • Eircode and if available, Ordnance Survey Map, Lease Map, or Site Location Map if available.

  • A rough idea of your budget (it should include VAT, fees, furniture and landscaping if applicable)

  • Has the dwelling obtained planning permission or been previously extended?

  • Which can you do Teams or do you prefer Zoom, for your consultation?

  • Advise us of a few appointment times that you are available for your consultation booking in the coming weeks 


Information and advice you can expect from consultation

  • General ideas and advice on your project.

  • Information on building costs including VAT.

  • Discussion on building materials likely to be used.

  • Planning requirements or exempted development from planning.

  • The documents that will be used for planning, tenders, and building contracts.

  • Advice on Architect’s fees and services, including a quote following your consultation.

If you wish to proceed, the fee for your consultation is €150 + VAT paid in advance.

If you do not want to do an online consultation, we can arrange an on-site consultation at a higher fee of €300 + VAT payable in advance. All JEArchitecture consultation fees paid will come off your first invoice if following your consultation you proceed with your project with JEArchitecture. 


To book a consultation please click on link below which willl allow you to arrange your booking for the next available slot.

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