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Structural Survey / Building Inspection Report

A Structural Survey, sometimes called a ‘Building Inspection Report’, is a thorough internal and external inspection of a property to determine its condition.

A Structural Survey is normally conducted prior to a property being purchased and offers the potential purchaser peace of mind by identifying any defects or planning/building regulation compliance issues which could incur substantial expense to remedy.

It is carried out by an Architect, Engineer or Surveyor and offers peace of mind to the purchaser that a professional has examined and advised on the purchase of your intended property.

The final report describes the condition of the property, under separate headings, which summarizes the overall condition of each building element and make recommendations to remedy any defects or areas of disrepair.

A summary at the end of the report will provide a list of remedial works required to remedy all significant areas of disrepair or regulation breaches where relevant.


Our Structural Surveys start at €350 exclusive of VAT for a three bed two-storey dwelling, ordered and paid for online.

Email or phone us for an immediate, free, no obligations quote.

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