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Detail Design & Tender Negotiation

In this page, we will set out the Roles, Responsibilities and Practicalities of each party in relation to the Detail Design & Tender Negotiation. 


Tender Negotiation – 

  • The tender negotiation will be undertaken between the client and the contractor using the Bill of Quantities with Rates prepared by the Quantity Surveyor.

  • The Bill of Quantities will be based upon the detailed design drawings prepared by the architect and engineer/s under instruction by the client.

  • The rates for the Bill of Quantities will be supplied by the Quantity Surveyor.

  • It is inevitable that the price will increase from the Design Stage drawings to the Detail Design Drawings/Tender BOQ. This is driven by increased detail and increased prices. This is not the fault of the Design Team, however, the Design Team will endeavour to assist the client to value engineer the project wherever possible.


The Design Team –


  • The architects are responsible for preparing the detail design drawings and specification and collating the tender for presentation to the Quantity Surveyor for preparation of the Bill of Quantities.

  • The engineer/s are responsible for preparing the engineering detail design.

  • The Quantity Surveyor is responsible for preparing the Bill of Quantities and the rates for same which will ultimately determine the value of the works.


The Client – 

  • The is responsible for supply the necessary detail to the architect and engineer/s in order to prepare the detail design.

  • The client is responsible for the payment of the architect, engineer/s and quantity surveyor for all work undertaken in the Tender Negotiation, regardless of whether the project proceeds or not.

  • The client will at all times act respectfully towards the Design Team members, regardless of how the Tender Negotiations proceed.

  • The client is responsible for reviewing and approving the BOQ.

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