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At JEArchitecture we offer a consultation service prior to you undertaking any work which will help inform you on how best to proceed with your project. A JEArchitecture consultation will be attended by one or more of our architects and generally, we will attend the meeting either on line or at your site or property whichever is most appropriate.

At your consultation we will advise you on the following;

  • We will advise you on the feasibility of your project from a planning perspective and if it will require planning permission.

  • We will advise you on your budget and the feasibility of what can and cannot be achieved within your budget.

  • We will advise you on the process of for delivering your project from design, through planning, tender and site.

  • We will advise you on design and the possibilities, within the site, context, planning and budget.

It is advisable for you to fully prepare for your consultation in advance so that you can the most out of our meeting and so that we can best advise you. Prior to our consultation appointment, please send us details on what you want to achieve using any images or examples that you may have and also try and be clear on your budget, this will be key for us to have a clear understanding in order to best advise you.

If you wish to proceed, the fee for your consultation is €150 inclusive of VAT paid in advance for the on line consultation.

If you do not want to do an online consultation, we can arrange an on-site consultation at a higher fee of €300 inclusive of VAT also payable in advance.


Although you pay for a JEArchitecture consultation, the advice you will receive will be second to none and will save you in the long run. Furthermore any consultation fee is deducted off your first invoice if following your consultation you proceed with your project with JEArchitecture.


Generally speaking, your consultation will take less than an hour.

To book a consultation please click on the link and you will be able to book your next available slot.

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